May 30, 2012

Print this coupon and present it at Sweet Sensations at anytime on Sunday to help support the youth group!  Honestly, does fundraising get any easier or tasty than this?!?!  Treat yourself to some ice cream after church.  Please print extra copies and pass out to all your friends and family to help us out!



May 9, 2012

We are beginning a new teaching series in The Flood titled “How to Persevere”.  During this series we will be looking at what it takes to persevere in your Christian growth.  It seems for most people, you are either growing or falling, and that there really is no such thing as coasting when it comes to your Christian faith.  This series hopes to equip our students with the tools it takes to persevere in your growth closer to Christ!

May 7, 2012

Thank to everyone that helped to make Believe 2012 another great Flood event!