May 7, 2014


The Flood will be studying one of the most interesting characters found in Scripture, Peter. We will be looking at the things he might have said had he had a Twitter or Instagram account during his life.  This should be fun!



March 5, 2014

Who is Jesus

We are in a new series called “Who is Jesus?” that will answer some of the questions that Middle School-age students wrestle with.  We are very excited for this series and hope that you join us every Wed night!


February 5, 2014

Facebook Official 1.001

We are starting a new series called “Facebook: Official”. The idea behind this series is to lay out the principles that God gives us for: Friendships, Relationships, Love This stuff will change your life forever either way – if you get it right or wrong. Stuff that either will bring you lots of joy and success – or a ton of remorse and regret if you don’t play by the rules.



January 22, 2014


The Flood has just begun a series called “Thirsty”.

Water is the source of all life. We crave it, demand it and consume it. During this teaching series we will discover water as an analogy to describe how we are to crave God. We read Psalms 63:1 and begin to wonder how David got to the point of “earnestly seeking and thirsting” after God. How does that happen? How can a believer honestly seek and thirst after God? Does our relationship with God look like desperation? Are we craving a real authentic relationship with Him? This series talk through how the believer can begin to understand what it means to seek after God and thirst for Him.

“You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.” (Psalms 63:1 NIV)

The Flood will be doing a mini-series the next few weeks reviewing what we have covered this semester and reflecting on how we have grown and in what areas we need to grow as we begin the second half of the school year.  Season of Change


October 22, 2013

Tools for Building

The Flood has just begun a new teaching series that continues upon the last.  We just finished “The Kingdom” series and studied what it means to be a part of God’s Kingdom and to serve the King we do.  Now, in “Tools for Building” we will be studying the personal spiritual tools needed to partner with God in building His Kingdom.  In this series we will teach on spending time with God, prayer, giving, fasting, and Bible study.



September 4, 2013

The Kingdom Art

We are excited to kickoff the fall season with prizes, games, giveaways, pizzas, and more!  We will be launching our new series The Kingdom and hope you invite everyone you know to join us as we expand the Kingdom this school year!

Famous Last Words

May 8, 2013

Famous Last Words

The Flood is currently in a series titled “Famous Last Words”.  This series will attempt to take a look at and unpack some of the more famous last statements recorded in Scripture from key figures.  We will be studying John’s last words in Revelation, Solomon through  Ecclesiastes, Paul, and Jesus.



March 20, 2013

Spring Training

We are spending the Spring in a series we are calling Spring Training. In this series we will be taking a look at the spiritual disciplines that, if practiced, prepare us for the times in life when  “the game” is on the line and things get hard!


February 20, 2013


Ever feel like God might have some other purpose for your life?  Ever feel like you are just running in the wrong direction?  Throughout this series we will be taking a look at the book of Jonah, one of the most interesting stories in the entire Bible.